Visit to Stockholm

” I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind.”

Sometimes in life you will stand at a crossroad. To your left is a familiar path, you know this path, it was the one you were on. Not exactly, but familiar.
The one to your right looks rough, like an off-road trail, dangerous, but in the distance you see a glimmer of this amazing land you have not yet travelled to.
What will you do? Will you give up everything and take the unbeaten trail? Or will you play it safe?
My life is at one of those crossroads. If I choose to go left that would mean I would choose a safe life. One that I can control for the most part. I will find that job that I will most likely hate, I will buy a house that provides me with a roof over my head, I will stay in that small world. But if I go right, I will loose all control and maybe even all my money. That trail has no real job in sight, that trail will bring me everywhere around the world, go and see places I’ve always dreamed of. I can only hope that I will land on my feet and for sure I will make a lot of mistakes, some even the worst in my life.
What would you choose, if you had to make that choice? Would you take safety or adventure?
I am at this crossroad for a while now and it is time to make a decision.
The thought that being in Stockholm would help making up my mind has crossed my mind. Sitting here on the waterfront, it only reminds me of Home and what I have lost.
I wish I could go back, back to the safety of what I called Home, but that will never happen.
That life is over.
This crossroad need, demands an answer. It is time to make up my mind.

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